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Posey Preschool is an arts-based early education program for the artistic soul. We have created a preschool for the young intellectual to learn in a nurturing and respectful atmosphere.  Your child will actively engage in the creative process, participating in various roles within the arts including, but not limited to, dance, music, theater, and visual arts.

Posey Preschool offers an affordable choice between two, three or five days a week from 9am to 12:00pm. All classes will be held in the Posey School of Dance studio in beautiful downtown Northport, NY.

Posey School Philosophy

Becoming one’s self is one of the greatest challenges in life. Posey Preschool gives every child the opportunity and the space to do just that. Our goal is to integrate early childhood education with movement, art and self-expression in a physically and emotionally safe environment. Exploration in the arts leads to discoveries in math, science, language and history. Students are able to learn basic concepts and relate them to new experiences. Through trust and empathic understanding, we encourage students to explore their creativity without inhibition.
Many young children tend to be naturally kinetic learners. Posey School encourages this aspect of our students’ development, allowing them to learn through their physicality.
They will have plenty of time to sit at desks later on in life. Childhood is for playing.

“The greatest give you can ever give is your most honest self.”
-Fred Rogers

At Posey Preschool we follow the common core standards set forth by the The National Association for the Education of Young Children. The Standards: Relationships, Curriculum, Teaching, Assessment of Child Progress, Health, Teachers, Families, Community Relationships,Physical Environment, Leadership and Management.

Who We Are


Elsa Posey, R.D.E.
elsa11aa Elsa Posey, R.D.E. is Founder and Director of Posey School and teaches ballet classes for children and adult beginners as well as professional dancers.

She is respected as an international scholar of dance, dance history, and dance pedagogy, specializing in dance for young children and classical ballet.

She attended schools of the New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theater. In addition to meeting with her classes at Posey School, she is President of the National Registry of Dance Educators, Past President of the National Dance Education Organization, and a national advocate for arts education.

Ms. Posey has served on the Board of the New York State Dance Education Association, recognized by the NYS Department of Education; Board of the Dance Notation Bureau; Board of the Congress on Research in Dance and National Dance Association. She is past Co-chair of the Education Committee for the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science.

Kimberly M. Wager, M.A
kimberlywager001aKimberly M. Wager, M.A. is Administrative Manager of Posey School. She teaches ballet, composition, and children’s dance, and is choreographer for Posey Dance Repertory Company.

Ms. Wager earned a Masters degree in Dance Education from New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education. She is an Affiliated Member of the Cecchetti Council of America, qualified to prepare students for the Cecchetti exams at the Advanced level. She wrote her thesis on Cecchetti ballet technique.

Kimberly studied and performed with Rebbecca Kelly Ballet Company, Kaleidoscope of Kultures Dance Company, North Country Ballet Ensemble, National Ballet, and Phoenix Dance Company. Kimberly has studied with Pamela Moore, Betty Seibert, Kathy Koesner and Debbie Guibord to refine her work in the Cecchetti method of Ballet. She was ballet mistress for Christopher Fleming (former NYCB dancer.)

Kimberly travelled to Kampala, Uganda in Africa where she taught creative movement to orphaned children and studied traditional Ugandan dance forms. Her choreography, “A Brush in Time” represented SUNY Potsdam at the American College Dance Festival. She studied choreography with Jacqueline Smith-Autard at NYU.

Lena Massari Sawyer
lena-thumbLena Massari Sawyer has been a museum educator for over twenty years. She has a bachelor’s degree in Art History from the State University of New York at Buffalo and did her graduate work in Art Education at The Steinhardt School at New York University. She has been involved with museum based parent-child workshops as well custom designed art programs for the School of America Ballet, Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and ”The Family Circle” for a major NYC museum. For over six years she taught a museum based class ”Book then Look”, a membership class for young preschool children in which visual arts were explored in conjunction with Caldecott awarded children’s literature. Lena’s career focus has been on introducing young children (ages 2 to 6) to art through both gallery tours and projects designed to engage them in art making in a way that encourages their own creativity and visual style.
Keri Puglisi
keriKeri Puglisi has always found herself in the role of teacher. From the age of 6, she assisted her mother in her business and taught children to sew. She went on to teach dance and tumbling at day camps in the summer as a teen, tutored through college. As a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Keri had the opportunity to work with dozens of fashion houses and apparel companies around the world, implementing computer systems throughout global organizations, teaching these companies how utilize technology to streamline their business processes.

FIT then called on Keri to assist them in the creation and updating of courses in order to bring their course offerings up to date with the industry and technology. Keri became an adjunct instructor and while in that role, was tapped to train fellow faculty at FIT in New York and their European affiliated Universities.

A mother of two, Keri studied child development and education as she raised her own two children. Keri is thrilled to be a part of Posey Preschool, where art, dance and music are at the core of the curriculum, as children learn so readily when their senses, bodies and minds are fully engaged!

Keri continues to teach knitting and sewing to children of all ages and adults too, and currently teaches knitting and sewing classes at multiple schools and studios, including Love of Learning Montessori and at EmmaLoops Craft Studio in Huntington. Keri focuses her teaching on the process, not just having a completed product. In that way, all the steps are learned along the journey of creation and the student can repeat them on their own.


Our preschool program has been designed specifically for the “kinetic learner” and requires a very low student-teacher ratio. For these reasons, we are only able to accept a maximum of ten students at a time. It is also important to us that your child feels that our program is a good fit for them and vice versa. If you are interested in applying, then we invite you to contact the school and set up an interview and evaluation.

Check our page on our website www.poseyschool.com regularly for updates.

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